Looking back at last weeks gig

That’s it, I’m jacking it all in, having shared a stage with Hexstatic, where else is there to go?!… Ok, not really, though I am incredibly fortunate to share their limelight. And whilst I wasn’t entirely happy with all of my set, especially when the wifi failed twice, I did have a blast…

This was my favourite mix of the night, as you can tell from my grin above: The flashing squid from Benga & Coki’s “Night”….

…into an Adam Buxton voiceover of Richard & Judy…

…and back into Benga’s “Clap” as Richard applauds the caller….

It goes without saying the Hexstatic were awesome, and had loads of new material. It must have been an hour into their set before I saw something I recognised, even having watched all their online previews of their Trailer Trax av album. Big thanks too to Steve Magiclantern/Timestretchers for some outstanding visuals, and helping out with equipment and setup for free. And finally a shout for the dubstep duo Rippa who were on after me, and were outstanding.

PS Big luvz to Liz and her mechanical eye for the piccies


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