Re-pop, pop… pop muzik

“Rehash, (verb) to work up old material in new form” almost exactly describes this Hexstatic re-rub of the 1979 video for “Pop Muzik” by one hit synth-pop wonders “M”. I love the way remix culture gives a new shine to golden oldies. Though sometimes it doesn’t need that much buffing, a fact recognised here by Hexstatic, as the video plays in original form for a good while before the remix kicks in.

The rest of this week I’m moving on to material from their latest album Trailer Trax, which of course is what they will be showcasing this Friday night. So to round off this mini retrospective, and demonstrate that av lends itself perfectly to a finely tuned sense of humour, lets meet Dave….

I especially love the comment where someone suggests giving up the day job and concentrating on remixing!!!


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