Lucky breaks and beats

The intense joy of playing live using Youtube is that the possibilities are literally endless, so I always like to add something to my set on the fly. I have to say my latest 2 finds have been absolute peaches. Whilst rocking antique beats at the Chapel Allerton Film Festival I felt in need of some proper old fashioned Ska, and came up with some original dancehall vibes, courtesy of Byron Lee & the Dragonaires and their “Jamaican Ska”. Trivia tip: the band featured as the hotel band in the James Bond film Dr No.

My set at Test Space Kitchen ended up being longer than planned, as the food took a while to arrive, and I was almost out of themed stuff to play. However inspiration struck when I played Monty Python’s Spam song (as planned) and I did a quick search on Spam which threw up a vague memory from the past: Weird Al Yankovics “Spam”. Normally I’m not keen on playing videos made from panning slideshows, but as the Spam logo is so recognisable and a strong visual image it worked out really well. Plus of course there is the link between the internet and spamming, which went right over the heads of the audience who were blissfully ignorant of the fact that I was streaming stuff live from the ether….


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