The beat goes on

The strange functioning of my brain re-interprets lots of things as song lyrics and samples, so reflecting on this being a hectic week, I found “The Beat Goes On” reverberating round my noggin. I’ve long been a fan of the All Seeing I’s version, and despite having failed to track down the video in the past, a quick search threw it up today. Youtube is a strange beast sometimes. I played the Sonny and Cher version on Monday night at Seven, as it fitted into the retro vibe I was rocking, and it seemed to go down well with the audience, but here’s my newest discovery…

I must say I really enjoyed Monday night’s gig. It was a different crowd to my usual, much older. But very much appreciative and into what was happening onscreen. I must confess to being caught unawares with a call for an encore, having ended with one of my favourite film song closers. With one laptop already packed and put away it was sheer luck that the next track in the playlist was the ‘tones’ scene from Close Encounters of Third Kind a suitably fitting end to the night.


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