Antique beat rehashes for the Chapel A Film Festival

With less than a week to go I’ve been musing over my set at the Chapel Allerton Film Festival and come to the conclusion that something a little different is required for an audience of cinephiles and Chapel A hipsters. So I will be rocking some ‘antique beat’, a term I’d not come across til I googled for a definition of the music of the Real Tuesday Weld, as I really didn’t know how to classify their laid back jazz/cabaret/lounge grooves. To be honest I’m still not sure we’re any closer! I guess it’s ones of those things you have to listen to to appreciate, so without any further ado, I give you “Kix”.

The Weld, as I’m sure they’re know to their friends, are perfect Re# material, recreating the vibe of an era long since past, if it ever existed in the first place. Plus they have a few live film rescores under their collective belts, AND they work with talented animators such as Russian Alex Budovsky. He was responsible for the kooky yet minimal animation that first drew them to my attention, which is reproduced here for the delight of your visual cortex…

Of course I won’t be playing the Weld all night long, that would be cheating. I will be sticking more or less with the antique beat vibe though, so here’s another taster this time it’s a rockabilliy reinterpretation of Canned Heats “Going up the Country” by teenager sisters Kitty Davis and Lewis.


One thought on “Antique beat rehashes for the Chapel A Film Festival

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