Food mixer

The wonderful thing about the web is when interesting people pop out of the ether and say hello, especially when they come bearing gifts of audio and visual and joy. So it was lovely to hear from Mr Charlie North, a living breathing av artist from round these parts, who’d have thought it!? You should check out some of his work on his website, but for now I just want to highlight his Delia Smith mashup: Breakbeat Cooking, because he kindly allowed me to use it in my forthcoming set for Testspace Kitchen on 4th September.

I’m really looking forward to another outing for the Testspace crew, they’re cool guys to work with, even if they are still billing me by the wrong name and as a DJ of all things! Plus it’s always interesting to be set a challenging theme for a set. Food I was ok with, but Victorian food…. ‘eee that’s a proper toughie, but you can imagine that I’ll drop the Losers track given half a chance.

Testspace recruited me via a shared love of this Muppets video. I always loved the Swedish Chef. Him, Fozzy and Ralph were always my favourites as a child, though as I grow older I find myself increasingly enjoying the grumpy guys in the box…


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