Inspired real time audio visual mash

Most audio visual production involves pallid geeks staring into their monitors whilst they cut, paste, edit and render for hours on end. So it’s an absolute joy to see a band walk into a room and produce a piece entirely live, both audio and visuals. I am virtually prostrating myself before the genius that is Origamibiro working with video artist The Joy of Box. It’s on Vimeo so there’s no handy preview, but MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT, you cannot fail to be impressed.

The Origamibiro piece reminds me of another collaboration between live act and video artist, this time the vocal phenomena Beardyman and award winning video artist Mr Hopkinson. Here the visuals were not performed live, this is more dark hours of editing, but as you’ll see it takes much the same approach to stitching together audio and visual loops.

My approach to performing is a different take on avoiding hours in the edit suite, as its time I just don’t have. Plus I feel that someone needs to get out there and showcase some of these laboured loves. The artists themselves can only do so much, just as a band can only tour so many venues. In time I imagine that there will be an army of youtube jockeys out there, bringing maximum profile to other peoples creativity through live performances. After all, it’s one thing to see a video from the comfort of your desk or sofa, it’s an entirely different experience seeing it with a drink in your hand on a giant screen as part of a mashup that uses each element as a jumping off point for the next.


2 thoughts on “Inspired real time audio visual mash

  1. …and the other big problem, where to do it?
    But with projectors becoming cheaper more impromptu gigs are popping up. I thought the live performance was fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. True, whilst many venues have a projector relatively few are well geared up for av performance. That was why I started doing my own events to give artists somewhere they could turn up and play safe in the knowledge that they could see the screen etc!

    I make life doubly hard for myself by needing venues that also have wifi, but even on this front enabling technology is evolving rapidly…

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