This is afrikaaaaaaaaaaa

To follow yesterday’s Dubsteam post I needed to pull something hot out of the bag, so here’s another video I’ve been caning at every given opportunity. This ones a little more colourful, as you would expect from a Somali superstar like K’naan, who’s vibrant sound combines urgent hip hop with roots reggae and african rhythms, and has a strong political message for the folks back home. You might recognise him from “Wavin’ Flag”, the official anthem of some recent soccer competition. This is T.I.A….

Isnt that just one of the most eye popping videos you’ve ever seen?! And great beats too huh? The video was directed by Nabil Elderkin, who’s something of a wunderkid when it comes to video direction. This is the man who changed my perspective on Kanye West entirely, something I would never have thought possible before he opened my eyes!

I’m big on African beats at the moment, you can expect to hear/see a lot more of these when I’m warming up for Hexstatic at the Re# night at Nation of Shopkeepers (24th Sept). Here’s another of my favourites that you might just recognise….


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