Has there even been a more unlikely culture clash than dubstep and Victoriana? Probably not, and on the face of it you might not think it would work, but work it most certainly does, at least in the outstanding video for the minimal dubstep number “Flush”.

What gives this strange brew such potency is a couple of amazing artists getting it on with each other. Fellating your ears is Losers, aka Eddy Temple Morris, presenter of the XFM show The Remix, a gentleman oft credited with popularising the bastardising hybrid that is the mashup. So clearly he knows a thing of two about rehashes. Stimulating your swiveling ocular units is animator Dan Hillier. Whilst this is his first foray into videos, what this man doesn’t know about grating inappropriate appendages onto nattily dressed Victorians, isn’t worth knowing.  

Normally at this point you’d expect another related feature, but really, how do you follow that?!


2 thoughts on “Dubsteam?

  1. I must confess, I stole all the good parts of the phrase “Stimulating your swiveling ocular units” from Mr Hilliers blog. But 90% of what i do is stealing stuf from the electronic ether, so at least I am consistent

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