Saving the world never looked so good

So this blog is mainly about fun party videos, but you know…. big picture…. if we want the party to continue, we have some major challenges to face down as a society. A group of the worlds best animators and filmmakers have risen to the challenge, and produced one of the most gorgeously animated collaborative films I’ve ever seen. And it’s got an incredibly strong message too: By working together we can challenge the status quo and just maybe move on from our carbon addiction and save the planet for our children, and our childrens children, and our childrens childrens children….

We are probably the only generation that can do it, so watch the film, be inspired, and do something about it.

As I mentioned, the film is a collaboration, though you’d only really notice after several viewings as it harmonises so well. This is down to the efforts of director and producer Knife Party, aka Simon Robson. He’s got some form in politically motivated motion graphics, making his debut in 2004 with the beautiful “What Barry Says” a polemic response to the US invasion of Iraq, which apparently garnered direct threats from the US Marine Corps. Oooh, scared!


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