Magic numbers and serendipity

For reasons I can’t yet elucidate, it was serendipitous that only the other day I was reminded of the Schoolhouse Rock video “Three is the Magic Number”. This version of the song is actually by Blind Melon, it was made more famous when it was sampled and rehashed by the awesome De La Soul. I love Schoolhouse Rock, it’s something we didn’t get much exposure to in the UK, but well worth checking out, if like me you like tunes that have something to say and goofy cartoons.

And in one of those twists of rehash logic that demonstrates how incestuous this whole remixing affair is, De La Soul’s version also samples “Lesson 3” from seminal remixers Double Dee and Steinski (see I promised we’d return to them  a few posts back).

PS Notice how long the first video was?


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