Big Ted, little Ted, cardboard box

My posts of late have been of the mildly esoteric variety, so I had planned to wack you in the newsfeed with some banging mashups…. but not anymore! How could I not share this mad as a box of frogs animation that I just clapped my very own eyes on. It’s well worth the best part of 3 minutes of your valuable time, especially, but not exclusively,  if you like bears and pigeons and cars and piers….

Whilst we’re rocking the big bear vibe, I guess we may as well take a peeky at the video for Aphex Twin’s Donkey Rhubarb. If you thought the other video was weirdy and beary, this one comes with weirdy pots n pans tuneage as well, and pixels… mmmmm, pixels….


2 thoughts on “Big Ted, little Ted, cardboard box

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