Feed your head, eyes, ears, etc

I’ve been thinking about Wonderland a good deal the past few days, due in large part to spending much of my time in a field in Cambridgeshire dressed as a White Rabbit. Alice is clearly something of an inspiration to the mixers and mashers of the internet as she crops up pretty frequently on Youtube. Here she is in a lilting offering from prolific meddler with the Disney stable, Pogo.

Now this is a nice little remix, and I recommend you check out his other work, but it really comes into it’s own when played via youuutuuube, which takes any youtube video and loops it. It’s really very impressive, especially with a lilting repeating tune like this one. If anyone has had a go with playing their own suggestions through youuutuuube, please share.

And finally, here’s Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit, set to an Alice re-edit. I know it’s not the most polished mashup, and it’s certainly an obvious choice, but its been playing virtually in my head in accompaniment of my earworm for some time now, and I like it.


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