Truly the Golden Age has passed

Normally I draw the line at trance music, however there’s always an exception that proves the rule. So when it’s used as a bed for one of the most wide ranging mashups I’ve ever seen, I’ll make that exception… and here it is “The Golden Age of Video” from Ricardo Autobahn:

I’ve seen A LOT of mashups, and as a rule the creators make like easy by choosing one film or TV series, but not here, oh no. Herr Autobahn samples the best moments from film and tv, and puts them all together to create a unique sample based singsong. Thats making life doubly hard for himself, by not just lip synching to an existing song, but creating a brand new one in the edit.

I particularly like the dancing ghostbusters at the end, but only cos I like the challenge of finding out what video its from.

And he’s right in his sentiment, it was a golden age, but truly it has passed. Much better to plunder the original wonder than go down the Hollywood remake route, at least as far as I’m concerned.


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