Memes I missed out on – The Safety Dance

I would like to apologise to viewers for the interrupting the broadcast due to an urgent need to spend a week in a cottage with no internet. On return I was treated to a massive blast of 80’s wonderment, courtesy of Men Without Hats and their sublime Safety Dance video.

I vaguely recall the tune from my childhood, but the video, which deals in mock medieval imagery popularised in 80’s movies like Labyrinth, the Princess Bride and the Wickerman strangely, was new to me. This one will definitely be getting an outing in the near future. I must have been skiving the day they covered Safety Dance in Pop Culture 101, as it’s clearly a bit of a meme, meaning I’m blessed with a huge variety of variations, courtesy of contributors to the worldwide web, including:

Literal video version (dodgy sound and video though)…

Glee (how very now)…

Family Guy (makes a change from the Simpsons/Muppets)…


Gorillaz (well a Gorillaz fan at least)…

Ah, corrected, there is a Simpsons version…

And you can even play the tune yourself using toggle keys…


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