Wonderful space testers

I had a great time doing a short set for the wonderful Test Space Leeds folk, especially as the wifi stayed strong for most of the set, only dropping once for a brief moment. I’ve been pondering a set based on sampling and crate digging for a while, so it was an excellent opportunity to put it into practice. And they had some very kind words to say afterwards, which is always nice.

Unfortunately the shop manager pulled the plug on the wifi about 10 minutes before they were due to close, so I couldn’t drop a couple of mixes I had planned specially. Including the record store scene from Human Traffic “got any jungle in guy?” mashed with the Baptazia Drum & Bass Church.

You’ll get the idea from this mash via youtube doubler. You just need to cut the audio from Human Traffic just as Aphrodite kicks in… and imagine swapping visuals back & forth so everyones dancing together.

I also wanted to play a video I found about how to store vinyl, where the groovy dj shows us where he stores his Italio Disco, which would have been the ideal excuse to drop Georgio Moroder & Phil Oakeys “Electric Dreams”

Still, I had a cracking time and I think the audience did too. I totally recommend you drop by and check out the artwork they have down there, that’s if they have any left… I did buy a fair bit of it myself as gifts for the family!


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