Mashing up Wombles and Vandals

With Saturdays gig for Test Space Leeds in the basement of Crash records looming (5pm til the place empties at 6) I thought it was time to give you a sneak  peak at my set. As we’ll be underground and much of the set samples documentaries about crate digging, I figured it was prime time to go leftfield and revisit my childhood with a spot of Wombling. The way I  see it, Wombles are the epitome of  the Re# ethos of  taking old stuff and making good use of the things that you find.

Oh but the things some people find to do to records, I’ve dug uploaded a short from my dvd collection about an inspired dude who takes old records and scratches them up, and I  don’t mean scratching like Mixmaster Mike, check it out….

Come see how I throw these into the mix this Saturday, and while you’re there check some cracking artwork and  inspiring talks, get more info on the Test Space website


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