Have you got the one that goes diddly diddly diddly bo….?

Yes, yes he probably has, for he is Paul Mawhinney, owner of the worlds largest record collection. Check out this snippet from a documentary about Paul and his records, and then phone round your friends and see if you can muster $3million between you. If so, you could buy his entire collection, worth an estimated $50million!

I was really pleased to come across this short delight, as I’ve been tracking down some record related content for a set I’m doing for TestSpaceLeeds in the basement of Crash records on Saturday 4th June, as part of Leeds Art in Unusual Places program. I’ll be on from 4pm, stop by and say hi when you’re done gawping at what they’ve (not) done to the Corn Exchange & TrinityLeeds. Already you can see I’m warming to some of the other themes I’ll be developing in my set.

You can also expect some excerpts about crate digging from the hip hop documentary, Scratch, which is hosted in it’s entirety on YouTube….  

Plus I’ll be dropping a little something I just uploaded to the tubes about novel uses for records…


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