“whats happening with copyright is the same thing that happened with masturbation…”

Continuing with my theme, next up is a fascinating film about remix culture, and its head on clash with THE MAN, its called “RIP: a remix manifesto”.

I sample segments of it during my sets as it has some interesting things to say about remixing and copyright, and some great music. In essence what the director is saying is that the old model is no longer working, but also that copying and reinterpreting is nothing new. I love the secton where he shows a copyright lawyer how his favourite artist, Girl Talk, creates all his work by sampling. I also love that he has posted his raw footage on the web for open source remixing.

You can watch the entire film here, but I know you’re all busy people so for now check the trailer:

And just to further demonstrate how remixing/reinterpreting is truly nothing new, check this 1929 film clip where jazz musician Ted Lewis revels in pirating other sources (link courtesy of Steinski, a seminal sampler who we shall return to in future)


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