copyright criminals vs copyright stupidity

Copyright criminals, oh where to start?! Well lets start with the video I was planning on posting, the first panoramic music video, created 2 years ago to accompany Cut Chemists “1st Big Break” . Its yet another one shot wonder of a video, perfectly timed with the sample heavy beats, and shot using a 360 degree lens. The vagaries of wordpress mean you can insert youtube videos, but only link to vimeo. So I dug out the youtube version, only to find it shorn of the original audio, due to a copyright claim from Warner. Thing is, the youtube poster is the video director, not just some random Joe. And of course it no longer works with different music. Aaaah the stupidity of massive corporations, this is their artist they’re denying a platform! See how it doesn’t work….

Luckily vimeo is policed with a much lighter touch, enjoy the full a and v experience

I have a LOT more to say on this topic, so it’s something I’ll be returning to for the next few posts.


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