Internet enabled pixel hugging

Pixels, you gotta love ‘em, even when they are those big nasty ones on low res youtube videos.

One of the joys of mixing videos live from the internet is the endless content you can throw into the mix, stuff you’d be hard pushed to find elsewhere. A prime example of this is the video for the late Malcolm McLarens Double Dutch, from his seminal Duck Rock album (which mashed African rhythms with western beats back before Vampire Weekend were even damp spots in their mums dorm room bunk)

So rare is this video that even the venerable BBC used this heavily pixelated youtube video in their obituary news items, which in itself shows the BBC didn’t recognise his genius until too late. But such is the joy of the internet, it provides access to more audiovisual gems than you could ever hope to find in hard copy. Sure you could download it and play it from your hard drive, and not go to the trouble of mixing live from the net, but that lacks a certain verite (truth with added French accents).

Plus mixing live from the net gives you the opportunity to develop a theme spontaneously, and make some serendipitous discoveries as you go, like discovering a US chat show about Viagra use in young men whilst searching for something to mix into Lily Allens ‘Not Fair’…


2 thoughts on “Internet enabled pixel hugging

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