pixel mania

If by any chance you’re not one of the 2 million plus people who checked out the amazing Pixels by Patrick Jean, it’s about time you got with the programme.

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Arts and animation videos.

It says a lot about both the love of retro gaming, and the power of the net, that it’s torn up the ether so quickly. My jaw dropped the instant the pixels stream out of the tv set, and you could have bathed in the pool of drool by the end. The lovely folk at Motionographer interviewed Patrick to get the shimmy on the how and why and even posted Patricks original storyboard on Flickr.

Lovely though Pixels is, it strongly reminded me of the video for Royksopps “Happy Up Here”  proving that new ideas are as rare as rocking horse shit.

I also wondered whether this might have been Patricks original music video that he began Pixels for??? Surely that would be too harsh, to have had your idea ripped off and released a whole year before yours came to fruition? Anyway, I kinda ripped off the idea when editing this film of some guerrilla gaming we did just over a year ago under the old lookandlisten guise.

leeds invasion from ineaux on Vimeo.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that both these videos will be given an outing during my Mayday set, mixed live from the internet. Live internet mixing does seem to be an original idea btw, so far as I can tell….


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