now thats what I call a mashup

Having made an oblique reference to what constitutes a remix in the previous blog, this time around we’re on safer territory. There’s no way you can mistake these videos for anything other than audiovisual mashups, created by a couple of my favourite artists (who I must confess I am lucky to count as friends).

First off, it’s elec-tron-ique from Steve Mckeown, one half of av remix act Timestretchers, featuring footage from the original Tron mashed with some glitchy electronica.

elec tron ique from steve mckeown on Vimeo.

I could have chosen one of a million mashups to share here, but it’s nice to support friends, and this makes great use of visual and audio samples from the film. I’m a sucker for a good sample so I am, plus a sucker for a classic 80’s movie. I think I’ll sneak this one into my set at Nation of Shopkeepers this Mayday, despite it contravening their official music policy, as it complements the oldskool Atari gaming and 80’s movie we’ll have rocking the big screens in the courtyard.

And so, onto the next feature, a bit of nudge nudge wink wink from Chop Shops Dj Reach – its Bash the Bishop

Its got everything, samples snipped into beaty loveliness, breaky goodness, Harold from Neighbours, a bit of brass (love my brass I do) and most importantly, it’s heavy on the comedy. Smiles make the world go round, that and cash-money of course, which is another groove I’ll be getting into to celebrate Mayday.


3 thoughts on “now thats what I call a mashup

  1. thanks a lot…..having a funny old week this its lovely to see this sort of thing!

    working on new stuf for the forthcoming glade and bearded theory shows…here is of “the wizzrd is odd”

  2. hey nice one steve, i was looking for a mashup with dorothy in only the other week, I forget why though….

    check out the rest of the chopshop stuff on youtube, nick (dj reach) it s bit of a comic mashup genius

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